Design and achievement for the rehabilitation and extension of the water treatment station south Meliane II

Department of local affairs and  the environment
Notice of Appeal of international tenders
No. 12/2018

The National Office of the Sanitation ( launches an international call for tenders ” design and achievement for the rehabilitation and extension of the water treatment station south Meliane II” (The station is located in the Governorate of Ben Arous (Southern Tunis)) partially financed by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the framework of the program DEPOLMED
The benefits, objects of this call for tenders, are:

• The technical studies and specific,
• The study, supply, transportation, assembly and testing of electrical equipment Mechanical and electromechanical for the water treatment station.
• The achievement of the work of Civil Engineering, Buildings and the HHT.
• A period of operation for the implementation plan/development and the observation of the water treatment station

Participation is open to all companies specialized in the field of civil engineering and electrical and electromechanical equipment which present the guarantees including technical and financial resources and the necessary references to the proper performance of the obligations that will be made and who are not in a state of bankruptcy or judicial liquidation
• The benefits of supply, transportation, assembly and test electrical and electromechanical equipment must be entrusted to a specialized company.
• The benefits of the work of civil engineering can be entrusted to a company specialized Tunisian in the work of Civil Engineering
The company specialized in the work of Civil Engineering, must have a minimum of a approval for highways and various Networks: HHT 0 Category 4 or the HHT 3 Category 5.

The companies or groups of companies interested can take knowledge of the tender dossier in the Office of Central order (BOC) at the headquarters of the ONAS, 32 Rue Hédi Nouira 1023Tunis and the remove (Monday to Friday) against the payment of a sum of three hundred Dinars (DT 300), non refundable.

Tenders must be established and presented under penalty of nullity in accordance with the terms and conditions of the call for tenders, and constituted as follows:
– The provisional bond in the amount of: six hundred thousand Tunisian dinars (600 000 DT) or two hundred and twenty thousand Euros (EUR 220 000) or a bank guarantee which replaces as well as the documents and supporting documents accompanying the offer.
– The technical offer
– The financial offer.

The technical offer and the financial offer will be placed in two separate envelopes closed and sealed and in two copies (original and copy). These two envelopes, the provisional deposit or the bank guarantee which the replaces, administrative documents and the supporting documents accompanying the offer are placed in a third envelope closed and sealed indicating the reference of the call for offers above and its object.

Any offer not involving the provisional deposit or non-conforming to the conditions above indicated will be rejected.

The period during which the bidders will remain committed by their tenders is 120 days from the day after the closing date for the receipt of tenders.
The folds containing the offers (technical and financial) must be sent to the name of Mr President Director General of the ONAS by the position and recommended or by Rapid Poste or direct discount against a receipt and arrive at the Office of Central Order of the ONAS, 32, Rue Hédi Nouira – 1001 Tunis, no later than the 29 / 05 / 2018 at 10h00 Period of rigor.
The stamp of the Office of order fact faith.
Any offers received after this deadline will be rejected.
The opening of the folds of the technical and financial offers will be carried out in a single public meeting at the headquarters of the ONAS 29 / 05 / 2018 at 10h15.The representatives of the Bidders must be equipped with the proxies duly signed

A day of information to businesses will be held at the headquarters of the ONAS (on the sixth floor),  the 26 / 04 / 2018 from 10h00 .


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