Gas: Mauritania and Senegal agree

In Mauritania and Senegal, many have welcomed the signing, on February 9, of an agreement allowing the exploitation of the common offshore gas field “Grand Tortue- Ahmeyim ” (GTA) of 450 billion cubic meters from 2021 But, on the Mauritanian side, President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, in an answer to the question given to Jeune Afrique, hinted that there are still steps to take before reaching a final agreement: “We can not not wake up one day, take a sheet of paper and sign an agreement. It’s a process that takes time to complete, “he said, before continuing, as if to mitigate the impact of what may be perceived as a turnaround:” Between two neighboring states, we share a lot of things, whether it’s the river or our nationals. Macky Sall and I had the responsibility to make the right choice to bring our countries closer together. ”

It must be said that while Kosmos Energy and its strategic partner British Petroleum (BP) welcomed this agreement, four days after its signature, the opposition, in Senegal and Mauritania, very quickly denounced a partnership project whose clauses have not been revealed to public opinion in both countries.

It was first in Senegal that Idirssa Seck, president of the Rewmi party and former prime minister of Abdoulaye Wade, urged the Dakar authorities to be transparent before and after ratification of the agreement by parliament. In Mauritania, the leader of the democratic opposition, Hacen Ould Mohamed, of the Islamist party Tawassoul follows suit, three days later, on February 19, 2018, to demand a legitimate transparency on the sharing of this gas field, the most important in West Africa, estimated at 450 billion cubic meters.

For the moment, only the companies in charge of the development of this gas field seem to have received a copy of this agreement that they hastened to bless, as of February 13, by way of press release.

Commenting on the signing of the agreement, the president and CEO of Kosmos, Andrew G. Inglis said: “Kosmos welcomes Mauritania, Senegal (…) have worked together very productively to reach an agreement that helps develop their gas resources shared quickly and effectively for the benefit of both countries. The innovative concept of a floating LNG unit in near the coast, used to Tortoise, positions the development as entirely new LNG project among the least expensive in the world. We look forward to working with BP and our partners, both companies national oil companies , to continue the process of basic engineering. ”

Indeed, with the entry into force of this Agreement of Intergovernmental Cooperation (ACI), allowing the development of Turtle, Kosmos provides for a final investment decision (DFI) for the Grand Turtle project by the end of 2018.

“Turtle” is the main gas discovery in Africa since the Egyptian field ” Zohr ” in 2015 which is a little higher. It could be commissioned in 2021 if the funds needed for the project are raised quickly.

The investment cost for the operating facilities is close to $ 10 billion, according to experts.

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