Mauritania  and Senegal  have signed an agreement on the operation of the gas field.

An important step has been taken for the operation of the gas field Turtle/ Ahmeyim with the agreement of intergovernmental cooperation (AIT) signed on Friday by Senegal  and Mauritania , announced on Monday, in a press release the oil company, British Petroleum (BP).

According to the British firm, the AIT between Senegal  and Mauritania  will “allow to continue the development of the gas project” and “the final investment decision”.

Mauritania  and Senegal  have signed, Friday, in Nouakchott an agreement of intergovernmental cooperation (AIT) on the operation of the gas field Large Ahmeyim turtle (GTA) located on the maritime border between the two countries.

The signing took place during the official visit of two days of the Senegalese President Macky Sall in Nouakchott, on invitation of his counterpart Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

The agreement of intergovernmental cooperation provides for the development of the gas field of Turtle/ Ahmeyim through the “cross-border equity, with an initial distribution of 50% to 50% of resources and income for a future fair” by redefining the bases of the mechanism and of the technical calendar, note the release of BP received to the APS.

“This is an important milestone for this project innovative gas which reflects the strong partnership and cooperative between Mauritania  and Senegal . We look forward to continue to work with the two countries and our partners, Kosmos Energy, PETROSEN and Mauritanian society of Hydrocarbons and Mining Heritage (SMHPM), with a view to a final investment decision”, said the Director General of BP Bernard Looney, cited by the text.

In recent years, important gas discoveries have been made at the border between the two countries, including that concerning the gas field “Great Turtle/Ahmeyim”, updated in January 2016 and considered as “the most important deposit” in West Africa, with estimated reserves of 450 billion m3.

BP has completed a major engineering project for the Tortoise project/ Ahmeyim, a value chain integrated gas and a development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) close to the Coasts of who would export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to world markets and would provide gas in Senegal and Mauritania .

BP is entered in Mauritania and Senegal  via an agreement with Kosmos Energy, announced in December 2016.

BP has shareholdings participants and effective in the Saint-Louis deep and profound Cayar off the coast of Senegal 60%, Kosmos Energy holding 30% and the petroleum company of Senegal (PETROSEN) 10%.

In Mauritania, the interests of BP in the offshore blocks C-6, C-8, C-12 and C-13 are 62%, Kosmos Energy holding 28% and Mauritanian society of Hydrocarbons and Mining Heritage (SMHPM) 10%.

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