Starting in Nouakchott 15th technical congress of the union of tax authorities in Islamic countries

The work of the 15th technical conference of the Union of Tax Administrations in Islamic countries began Monday in Nouakchott.

For four days, participants will discuss topics that are challenges for tax administrations in Islamic countries: risk management in taxation, tax facilities, data protection and privacy provisions of Directors taxes.

Overseeing the event, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy and Finance for the Budget, Mohamed Ould Kembou, said that Mauritania’s growth now requires, more than in any other time, mobilization internal tax resources to cover the necessary expenses for the development of different sectors, particularly those directly related to the life of the citizen.

He added that Mauritania has carried out over the last decade, a qualitative leap in terms of resource mobilization, without the increase or introduce new taxes to our tax system, highlighting the progress made in terms of improving the business climate.

The minister finally urged the participants to focus on matters relating to transcontinental traffic resulting in unhealthy behaviors which engage international companies in their transactions, including circumvention of the treasury.

For his part, President of the 15th technical conference, the Director General of Taxes, Mr. Ely Ould TEISS, emphasized that the primary objective of tax services is to improve the general level of compliance between the laws, resource mobilization and the collection of taxes in a timely manner.

For his part, the outgoing president of the congress, Mr. Kamel Taghwa Nejad and its Secretary General, Mohamed Ibrahim Ethmane, stressed that Congress Nouakchott offers participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and data to the subjects of common challenges and identify ways and means to improve tax practices.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Chief taxes.


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