Supply and installation of ten (10) Solar pumping equipment for 10 small Perimeters irrigated in the Wilayas of Gorgol and Brakna in Mauritania.

Tender No: 10 / AOI / PNISER

FAD donation N °: 2100150028293

Project No .: P-MR-EAZ-007

Title of the ADB Loan: National Integrated Project in the Rural Water Sector (PNISER) / Mauritania


  1. The invitation to tender follows the general procurement notice for this project which was published on UNDBAFDB79-02 / 13 of 22 February 2013 and on the website of the African Development Bank Group ( ).


  1. The Islamic Republic of Mauritania has obtained a loan from the African Development Bank to finance the cost of the ” National Integrated Project in the Rural Water Sector”(PNISER) / Islamic Republic of Mauritania “. It is expected that part of the proceeds of this loan applied to the eligible regulations forming part of the contract for the supply and installation of ten solar drainage equipment for 10 small irrigated perimeters in 10 localities located in the Wilayas of Gorgol and Brakna .


  1. The Ministry of Hydraulics and Sanitation of Mauritania, acting as Client, invites bidders eligible to submit their bids under the sealed cover for the supply and installation of ten (10) solar dewatering equipment in the Bir sites Barkha , Natirgol , Erone, N’Dam Moit , M ‘ Beidiyatt , and Dar El Beyda in the GorgolWilaya of Beled Tayib, Moundi, Miftah El Khair and Gourel Salt in the Wilaya of Brakna .


  1. The turnaround time is eight (8) months.


  1. Interested interested bidders may obtain further information and inspect the tender documents at the PNISER project coordination offices at the following address :

PNISER / Directorate of Hydraulics / Ministry of Hydraulics and Sanitation;

BP 4913 – Nouakchott-Mauritania – Tel: (+222) 45 25 71 40 – 22310746- 22924729

Email: [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]


  1. Applicants will be able to withdraw a complete set of tender documents from the coordination of the PNISER project at the aforementioned address, by submitting a receipt for payment of the sum of 3,000 Mauritanian Ouguiyas (3,000 MRU) paid to the Public Treasury account.

Any delay in the withdrawal of the tender dossier is the responsibility of the tenderer. In case of dispatch by post or other mode of mail, the coordination of PNISER can not be held responsible for the non receipt of the file by the tenderer.


  1. The provisions in the instructions to tenderers and in the general conditions of the contract are the provisions of the tender dossier of the African Development Bank: Procurement of goods or works.


  1. All bids must be received or deposited at the offices of the Departmental Commission des Marchés du Ministèreof Hydraulics and Sanitation Street 23-015, Residential Zone D, Lot No. 14 Ksar BP: 4952 Nouakchott – Mauritania to later 06/05/2019 at 12H00mn (Universal Time). They must be inevitablyaccompanied by a bid guarantee ( provisional bond ) Four hundred thousand (400,000 MRU) ouguiyas.

Any guarantee in the form of a check or letter of credit will not be accepted .

  1. The folds will be opened in the presence of the representatives of the tenderers who wish to be present at the opening on 06/05/2019 at 12h 15mn (Universal Time) in the offices the Departmental Commission of the Markets of the Ministry of Hydraulics andSanitation


  1. The validity period of tenders is 90 days from the date of submission of tenders. The validity of the bid security is 28 days after the validity of the bids.


  1. The qualification requirements are: ( Please note that these criteria are an excerpt from the qualification requirementsdetails are available in section III of the DAO ):

–     Have minimum, average annual turnover of construction activities in the last three years of Thirty million (30,000,000 MRU) ouguiyas;

–        Have access to financing such as liquid assets, unencumbered assets, lines of credit, other than the potential start-up loan, up to Eight million (8,000,000 MRU) ouguiyas;

–        Have experience performing contracts for the realization of irrigated perimeters as a contractor, subcontractor or lead contractor in at least two (02) contracts within the last five (5) years with a minimum value of Twelve million (12,000,000 MRU) ouguiyas.


The Director of Hydraulics

Mohamed JIDDOU


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