Supply of ductile iron pipes and fittings

The Republic of Tunisia has obtained a loan from the Saudi Fund for Development, to finance the cost of the project to improve the rate of drinking water supply in rural Bizerte governorate. It is expected that some of the   This loan will be used to pay the payments due under the contract (s) (markets) for which this call is made.   is launched.

Object and consistency of the call for tenders
The purpose of this invitation to tender is to supply and deliver SONEDE’s storage areas located in Mateur or within a radius of 30 km from the listed park, with ductile iron pipes and fittings provided for in the 1 – Network package. primary of this project   manufactured according to the international standard ISO 2531 (Edition 2009) or the European standard EN 545 (Edition 2010). This Call   offers two (02) independent lots:
• Lot N ° 1   : Supply of 173,050 ml of zinc-coated (200 g / m2) and zinc aluminum (400 g / m2) coated ductile iron pipes and fittings with a bitumen topcoat (DN150, 200, 300, 400, 800 and 1000 mm)
• Lot N ° 2   : Supply of 122,600 ml of ductile iron pipes and fittings protected by polyethylene or polyurethane and zinc aluminum coating with a bitumen topcoat (400 g / m2) (DN100, 200, 300, 400, 600 and 800 mm )

Amount of provisional bail
LOT                         In Tunisian Dinar (DT)                    In US Dollar ($)                      In Euro (€)
Lot n ° 1                     400,000,000                                      131,000.00                         116,000.00
Lot n ° 2                     400,000,000                                      131,000.00                         116,000.00

Address of the place of withdrawal or take note of the tender documents

Societe Nationale d’Operations and Water Distribution 23 Rue Jawaher Lel Nehru – Montfl eury – 1089 Tunis –   (Division of Projects and Market Preparation-DMPP – 4th Floor) Office No. 409.

Price of the tender dossier
Pay the sum of 200 DT at the SONEDE cash desk located at 23 Rue Jawaher Lel Nehru – Montfl eury – 1089 Tunis (1st floor, block B).

Presentation of the offer
The offer consists of:
1. the technical offer
2. the financial offer
The technical offer and the financial offer must be placed in two separate and sealed envelopes. These two envelopes will be placed in a third outer envelope. The outer envelope includes, in addition to the two technical and financial offers, the   provisional guarantee and administrative documents.
– Any offer not accompanied by the provisional guarantee will be rejected.
– Any offer received or delivered after the last deadline for receipt of tenders will be rejected.

The mention on the outer envelope
The outer envelope bears the reference of the invitation to tender, its purpose and the mention:   “NOT TO OPEN”

The address of sending or direct delivery of offers
Central Order Office of SONEDE at Slimène Ben Slimène Avenue – EL MANAR II – 2092- Tunis – Tunisia

Method of sending offers
The envelopes containing the technical offers and fi nancial must be sent by registered mail or rapid or -Posted   delivered directly to the SONEDE Central Registry against a receipt attached to the SCC.

Deadline for receipt of tenders
June 11, 2019 at 9:00 am (local time)

Date and time of the opening session of the folds

The envelopes containing the technical and financial offers will be opened simultaneously in public session on   June 11, 2019 at 9:30 am (local time)   at the meeting room n ° 215, 2nd floor at the headquarters of SONEDE located at Avenue Slimène Ben Slimène – EL   MANAR II – 2092- Tunis.
The tenderer or his representative (maximum 2 persons) must present the acknowledgment of receipt in case of direct of the offer at SONEDE central registry. The persons present at the opening session of the folds must be provided with a power of attorney and their national identity cards, in case of representation of a company or a company. And in case of presence of the manager or the owner of the company, he must submit a copy of the trade register or the status or publication to the JORT.

Tenderers or their representatives must present themselves 15 minutes before the opening of the bids.

Validity of offers and provisional bonds    

120 days   from the day following the closing date for the receipt of tenders.

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