The Malian Hamed Diane SEMEGA installs to the commands of the OMVS

The Malian Hamed Diane Semega, brought to the head of the Organization for the development of the Senegal River (OMVS) at the Conference of Heads of State of the 17 May 2017, took feature this Monday to dakar.

Séméga, which replaces to this position the former Prime Minister of Guinea Kabiné Komara, has been installed at the same time as the other members of the leadership team: Mr. Abdel Vettah, of Mauritanian nationality, appointed Deputy High Commissioner, and Mr. Mamadou Diaby, Guinean nationality, appointed Secretary General.
The new boss of the OMVS is a graduate of the National School of Administration of Bamako (ENA) and has held several cabinet posts in his country, Mali.

In the quality of the former Minister of Mines, Energy and Water, it has for several years administered the OMVS as Minister of trusteeship and member of the Council of Ministers.

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