The World Bank will finance a project to expand the interconnection system between Senegal, Mali and Mauritania for € 91.5 million.

Three Member States of the Organization for the Enhancement of the Senegal River (OMVS), ie Senegal, Mali and Mauritania, want to accelerate their electricity exchange system, through the transport network. The World Bank’s Board of Directors approved on May 12 in Washington, the financing of the project for a sum of 91.5 million euros.

A new transmission line (288 km, 225 kV), as well as substations, will be built, as indicated in the multilateral financial institution, to strengthen and expand the interconnected network of Manantial (RIima), a central infrastructure of the network Of the OMVS.

This new line of electrical interconnection will connect the current substation of Kayes (Mali) to that of Tambacounda (Senegal). It will be interconnected to the Organization’s electricity system for the value of the Gambia River (OMVG), which includes Gambia, Senegal and Guinea (Conakry and Guinea-Bissau).

The Manantali hydroelectric dam in Mali, an emblematic embodiment of OMVS, allows the annual production of 800 gigawatts / hour of electricity.

A regional electricity market

In addition to the development of the electricity exchange system, the increase of its production, and the reduction of tariffs in the OMVS member countries, this project will be a step forward towards the West African Power Exchange System (EEEOA / WAPP ).

This specialized agency of Cedeao, located in Cotonou in Benin, started its Business Plan 2016-2019 in Dakar in November 2015 in order to create a regional electricity market and connect all the households in the Community.

Senegal already offers electric power in Mali (20 MW) through a convention sealed last January between the two national electricity companies, Senelec and EDM.

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