Visit to the EFACEC facilities in Portugal

The past 30 January, our PDG, D. José Antonio Acuña, made a visit to the facilities of EFACEC in Portugal, invited by the Board of Directors of this Company.

In the course of the visit, visited the photovoltaic installations, which EFACEC Engenharia e Systems, based in Lisbon in Portugal.

It was also visited some of the substations, carried out in the vicinity of Lisbon for the REN (Rede Eléctrica Nacional S.A.)

in the course of the same visit, was invited to the city of Porto, north of Lisbon, where are the factories of efacec.

There was a thorough visit to the different factories that EFACEC has in Porto.

Throughout a long day, reviewed all the areas that EFACEC dominates: Transformers, Electrical Equipment, SCADA, charging stations for Cars, etc.

The result has been a very pleasant experience, for the kindness and hospitality shown by all the staff of EFACEC in Portugal.

It remains only for us to thank the deference tinged with our PDG.


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